Davit Musaelyan

Davit Musaelyan is a graduate student of political science at American University of Armenia. “I am greatly interested in Political History, Sociology, Philosophy, Mythology, and History of Science. I am an openly liberal person. People’s rights, freedoms and well-being are far more important than traditions and orthodoxy. I always believed that people are the foundation of nearly everything. Studying political science only made my beliefs stronger. This led me to study sociology to understand how people work and relate to each other”

“All factors in politics are slow developing effects of society’s values, traditions, views and culture. In my opinion changes in a state are slowly done from bottom up; meaning that people change the state and the government, rather than the other way around. And the only way to achieve progress is through change of society.

I strongly believe that everything should be subject to criticism, and strongly oppose any types of dogmas. Being a post-modernist, I believe that most concepts are man-made subjective things. In order to choose the right ideology and beliefs we need to argue and criticize everything, instead of silently ‘accepting everything as it is’.

I am very much looking forward to meeting new people with completely different ideas and opinions, so that we can criticize each other and learn from each other. There is nothing more enjoyable than a constructive philosophical debate about everything. It is the very first step to social progress.”

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