Tamara Karelidze

Tamara Karelidze is a journalist from Georgia, and has previously worked as a media analyst, journalist, project coordinator and lecturer. “I am currently based in London doing my MSc in ‘Global Europe: Culture and conflict’ at London School of Economics. Last September I decided to quit my seven-year career, take a little break, and continue studying. I had several reasons. I really enjoy the learning process and starting my second MSc at LSE is very timely in my life. I consider that people can learn a lot of things, even from their mistakes and their daily routine. I try not to get embarrassed when I do mistakes, and just to learn from them.”

“I had a very tight working schedule in Georgia. I have worked for several media companies at the same time. Of course, multitasking is tiring but it helps you to become more flexible, think fast and think about different issues at the same time. I always try not to be afraid of challenges, because I consider that you should take risks, and savour every decision you do, and step you take. Living in your own comfort zone is easy, leaving it is more difficult, and not everybody can manage it. However, sometimes it is very important to make two steps forward, even if you need to do one step backward.”

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