Time to think outside the box

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines an innovator as  “a person who has new ideas about how to do something”. After five months of preparation the Borjomi Innovators Network (BIN) has now been formally launched to do just that: foster new ideas by working with dynamic young people across communities, countries and civilisations.


Our 2018 cohort of 35 members aged under 35 hails from 12 countries. They are supported by a team of veteran members, and three co-chairpersons with extensive experience in areas such as diplomacy, politics, business, human rights and media.

BIN brings together people from across continents, civilisations and diverse backgrounds to work together, inspire each other, and contribute positively for peace, prosperity and progress in their communities, countries, regions and globally. Innovation requires the space for free and open thinking, and without it society stagnates. At a time when the world is facing multiple challenges the need to think creatively and “outside the box” is more necessary than ever.

The aim of BIN is to encourage young people to be innovators and to think about how they can make the communities around them better – through new ideas, and more peaceful  – through a committment to dialogue as a tool for resolving conflicts and discord.

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