Asmaa Bessis

Asmaa Bessis is a French Algerian SOAS graduate with an M.A in International Studies and Diplomacy.

“I have lived my whole life in Europe, mainly between Paris and London – where I did my Bachelor’s at City University in International Politics – but I have always felt the need to live in a different environment. I have long been interested in the MENA region, which was the focus of both my theses, so I am excited to embrace the next chapter of my life. I am currently in Madrid for an induction to embark on a new adventure as Project Manager for Oxford Business Group in Algeria, where I will be settling down.

“I am looking forward to a challenging opportunity in my country of origin, where until now I haven’t lived. My motivations for moving to the Middle East or North Africa were to contribute to the development of the region whilst strengthening my understanding of it through first hand experience. This job promises to be interesting and full of diverse encounters, and I strongly believe that it will provide great prospects for me to start working towards my goals.”

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