Mohammed Al Sayed

Mohammed Al Sayed is a 33 year old Bahraini writer and a graduate of International studies, who has been working in the field of media and mass communications for over a decade.

“I’ve always been passionate about writing as I believe it is the best way in which people can express themselves and spread their ideas to one another and to the world. Coming from the smallest island nation in the Middle East, the world doesn’t know much about my country. Hence along with a few others, I formed the youth group called ‘Citizens for Bahrain’ – an NGO that aims at addressing the concerns of young Bahrainis to the world, while monitoring the democratic process in the country.

“I recently visited an event that takes place annually in my country named ‘The Nest’. The concept of the month-long event is to display the work of young Bahrainis all across an area in the capital. The event is worth mentioning as it reflects a sample of the positive and creative identity of youth looking for opportunities, where young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to sell their products and artists display their art work both indoors and outdoors in a shared space where people from different backgrounds and age groups come in a show of support.“

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