Nini Kvirikashvili

Nini Kvirikashvili is a projects manager at the Europe-Georgia Institute. “I tend to define myself as a civil activist. Three years ago, I quit my job and decided to do something that would bring changes to the society where I live.

“Now I work in an organization that works with and for the youth, as we believe that young people look at things differently and such different ideas and views are able to spark change.

“I`ve met hundreds of students from different regions of Georgia and we worked together on problematic issues in their society. I love to work with young people to empower them. The youth inspire me to be more idealistic, to be ready to change the world – this generation in Georgia shows me everything I always desired to see around me and what I am willing to work for.

“There is nothing better than to see young idealists become civil activists that bring changes to the world – not with shouting and screaming, but with education, enthusiasm and bright minds.”

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