George Mchedlishvili

George Mchedlishvili is a respected Georgian Academic, an International Relations Specialist, and a Veteran Member of the Borjomi Innovators Network.

“Given my age, telling my bio even concisely will break any word count. So I’ll only write on what concerns me and how I’m going to tackle these disquiets. Needless to say, I am a 21st century man, with all attendant technological trimmings, and in all other meaningful respects. Except for maybe one. Unlike most of contemporaries, including those in their early 40s like me, I do not think that every single aspect of today’s life is auspicious and indeed progressive. There is nothing progressive in the rise of populism, both on the right and on the left – and as more people move to the fringes, the mainstream, gets eviscerated. As a result, majority of new political ideas – both liberal and conservative – originate not in healthier political quarters, which are somewhere around the center, but in the polarized bubbles and echo-chambers of the extremes. In my own country of Georgia there is also very strong and toxic polarization, albeit on a different set of questions. So, as a Homo Politicus, in the Plato-Aristotlean sense, I am particularly concerned that in today’s world, where the magnitude and multitude of the challenges that beset all of us just necessitate cooperation and putting most of our differences aside, the West does not lead because of its internal disunity. So, as a person with background in both Physics and History, who also lectured Calculus and International Relations – and highly appreciative of the main messages of these sciences – I want to be a “gap-bridger”, if you will. The gap between the technology-obsessed millennials, who believe that the era before the advent of iphones is antediluvian and the hardened conservatives (many of whom are fairly young), who fear diversity as a threat to their “civilization”.”

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