Have your say: time for BIN members to be expressive and creative

Have your say – an opportunity to express your views, opinions, feelings or emotions on a subject that you care about.

creativity_technologyAs part of their one-year participation in the Borjomi Innovators Network, BIN Members are invited to produce a piece of work that will be an expression of their views, opinions, feelings or emotions on a subject that is of interest to them, and which is relevant to wider society. The piece of work can take the form of an essay, an op-ed, a short documentary, a painting or sculpture, or any other form of expression that will be agreed with the BIN secretariat. We particularly encourage submissions that have an innovative message, or that present ideas in an innovative way.

Submitting an entry is not compulsory but is highly encouraged.

Those members who intend to submit an entry should communicate to the BIN Secretariat (office@bin18.org) by 31 March 2018 their intention to do so, including a title for the work and a description of not more than 100 words of what they intend to do.

Submissions need to be completed and, if appropriate submitted, by not later than 30 September 2018. A review panel will assess all entries.

This is not a competition, and entries will only be assessed in terms of whether they meet the criteria for submission, and if they are of sufficient quality that they may be published, broadcast or otherwise exhibited. The review panel may give one or several entries a special mention.

Themes, topics and questions

Entries should relate to or address one of the following topics or questions:

  • Regional co-operation between states
  • Peace-building and civil society
  • Gender equality and sensitivity
  • Combatting Fake news
  • Globalisation
  • The contribution of SMEs in creating prosperity; how can they be helped?
  • Are supra national identities, such as “European”, “Eurasian”, “Arab” or “Caucasian” real, superficial or deceptive?
  • Are elections the best expression of people’s will?
  • Can sports be a way for building peace between nations and within societies?
  • Innovate or die! Discuss.

Entries can take the form of a case study.

Technical criteria

  • Submissions in the form of essays or op-eds should not exceed 2000 words;
  • Submissions in the form of video or audio should not exceed 10 minutes
  • Approximate size of other forms of expression should be included in the description submitted at the initial phase
  • All submissions should be based on original work
  • In the case of works of art, the items shall remain the property of the owner, but will be required to be exhibited at least once during the current year
  • Exceptions to this criteria may be agreed but are subject to the approval by the BIN secretariat prior to the final submission


Our support

  • All members who express their intention to submit an entry will be assigned a mentor who will be available to offer them advice as they work on their entry.
  • All those participating in the scheme can apply to a subsidy of not more than 500 euros to help fund their travel, research or artistic endeavour as they prepare their entry. Requests for the subsidy should be submitted together with the intention to participate on the prescribed form and not later than 31 March 2018. Payments will be made in June 2018.
  • Where appropriate BIN members who submit entries will be invited to present their work at the BIN 2018 symposium in Italy in November 2018.
  • The BIN secretariat will work with members to ensure that all entries get placed published or exhibited in journals, newspapers or other media or artistic outlets.


The decisions of the BIN Secretariat and the review panel on all issues are final.



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