Point of view: Regional co-operation is necessary

One of the themes of the BIN network for 2018 is regional co-operation. On 12 February, BIN co-chairperson, Dennis Sammut, kicked off the debate with an op-ed on commonspace.eu.

south caucasus flags

The last two years have not been particularly good for regional co-operation and integration models in different parts of the world. In Europe, Brexit has rattled the European Union and dented its record of successful expansion. In the Middle East, the Gulf Co-operation Council, once hailed as a model, tattered on the brink of collapse as it dealt with an existential crisis resulting from the confrontation between some of its members and Qatar.

In the South Caucasus regional co-operation involving the three core countries has been non-existent. This has been largely, but not solely, due to the Karabakh conflict that has pitched Armenia and Azerbaijan against each other in a messy, and as yet unresolved, conflict.

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With reference to the South Caucasus Dennis Sammut said

Regional co-operation in the South Caucasus makes sense and will benefit all the people of the region. It is also essential for lasting peace and prosperity, and the EU is uniquely placed to push the process forward.

This debate is now open and we encourage members to contribute their ideas, based on the experience of the regions they live in.

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