Laura Lale Kabis-Kechrid

Laura Lale Kabis-Kechrid is a program officer with the German Council on Foreign Relations’ (DGAP) Middle East and North Africa Program.

In this capacity, she works as a policy analyst on Turkish foreign (currently predominantly EU/Germany-Turkey relations) and domestic policies, and supports the program’s projects in/on North Africa, particularly in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

“When I started my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Humboldt University in Berlin, I thought I would pursue a career in the private sector – most likely business consulting. However, while I enjoyed my BA studies, I quickly realized that my real passion was politics. After taking some introductory classes in International Relations during my year abroad in London, I decided to follow my passion and completed two MA degrees in International Relations and History at Dubrovnik International University and Queen Mary, University of London. I have never regretted my choice.”

“Being German and Turkish, political developments in both countries as well as discourses on identity and integration have been an integral part of my life from a very early stage. Being able to work on these issues with decision-makers as well as inspiring young professionals has been very rewarding (but also challenging at times). I recently took part in the Stiftung Mercator’s Turkey Europe Future Forum (TEFF), which brought together around 30 European and Turkish young leaders from diverse backgrounds to discuss current developments in our respective countries. We are currently working on developing our own projects to positively contribute to some of  the social and political issues in our regions. Platforms like TEFF, BIN and most of my work experiences inspire and encourage me to stay engaged despite some of the grim developments across the globe.”

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