The Borjomi Innovators Network (BIN) consists of an annual cohort of 35 young scholars and and professionals aged 20-35, hailing from EU, OSCE and OIC member states, supported by a team of “veterans”, and a number of co-chairpersons.

The members of the network are interested in promoting peace, security and prosperity in their countries and regions through innovative ideas, and a commitment to dialogue as a tool for resolving conflict and discord.

BIN provides a forum that cuts across conflict divides, cultural and religious identities, and social and political differences, enabling the development of new ideas and the cross-fertilisation of thinking on contemporary issues between participants from Europe, Eurasia and the MENA region.

BIN is an initiative of LINKS (Dialogue, Analysis and Research).

What areas and issues is BIN interested in?

BIN members have expressed interest in a variety of areas, including politics and governance, buisness; media, art and culture.

What is the connection between BIN and the Georgian resort of Borjomi?

The idea of the BIN network emerged during a workshop held in the Georgian resort town of Borjomi, in the Caucasus Mountains in July 2017, and the network decided to maintain a connection with the town and the event through the name and through  its logo.

At the centre of the logo is a water spring, water being the source of life, and the world famous Borjomi spring water a source of health. Fir trees surround the water fountain representing new ideas – ideas rooted in reality, and sensitive to the environment around them.

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