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The three co-Chairpersons of the Borjomi Innovation Forum for 2018 are Lord Purvis of Tweed, Dame Audrey Glover and Dr Dennis Sammut

       Lord Purvis of Tweed                   Dame Audrey Glover                    Dennis Sammut

OX AND CAMBRIDGE 2Dame Audrey Glover and Dennis Sammut meet BIN members based in the UK at a welcome dinner at the Oxford and Cambrdige Club in London Continue reading 

Lord Purvis of Tweed makes keynote speech at Borjomi workshop (8 July 2017) 

Keynote address by Lord Purvis of Tweed, a member of the upper house of the UK Parliament, the House of Lords, and of its International Affairs Committee at the workshop on Global Challenges organised by LINKS (DAR) in Borjomi, Georgia.


Lord Purvis said that he did not come from a political family – his ideas were formed by his life experiences, and the people he had encountered. They were influenced by the fact that he was a borderer, born in Scotland close to the border with England.

Lord Purvis said that no time in human history has seen such rapid social, economic, technological and political, change in such a short time, as humanity has experienced since the time when he was born in 1974. For those who have lived through this period this has been either a thrilling or a threatening time. For those that have good education skills, and live in a reasonably stable environment, this has been a thrilling time. On the other hand, for those who do not have the right skills, or who live in unstable regions, this very often seemed like a threatening time. People have looked at different responses to this period of intense change, and in many ways what ensured was a dichotomy. Continue reading 


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