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BIN members share their wisdom, insights and innovative ideas in 500 words. This section is at the heart of the BIN network purpose – developing innovative thinking. Every month we publish one idea sent to us by members. It can range from anything that has got to do with a local community to something related to global circumstances, and can deal with any issue – political, economic, business, environment, gender, etc etc. The important thing is that it says something new (or discusses something with a new approach), is coherent, and is expressed in less than 500 words.

I have an idea –

‘Make a public consultation process mandatory for any project that seriously impacts the environment’ – Alexander Mishvelidze

(Idea was submitted by BIN member Alexandre Mishvelidze)

new buildings in tbilisi

There is a need to increase opportunities for citizens’ participation in public life, and this should serve as an indicator of the committment to democratisation of any government. Informed and meaningful public participation is an effective instrument for integrating social and environmental concerns in the process of making decisions. Granting the participatory right to the citizens will increase social responsibility and ensure public participation in the policy implementation process thus improving the quality of environmental governance. Continue reading →

There needs to be more practical co-operation between international organisations: Let’s start with the EU, OSCE and OIC

osce flags

(Idea submitted by BIN member who wanted to remain anonymous)

There are plenty of international organisations trying to manage world affairs. Not all are fit for purpose, and some are in dire need of an overhaul. Often there is much disagreement on how such reform can take place. But one thing is certain, there needs to be more co-operation and co-ordination between different organisations to tackle global challenges. Instead of re-enforcing divisions international organisations should become platforms for outward reach – helping to build bridges instead of re-enforcing walls. Continue reading 


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